Jō Life Foods: Grain-Free Products for a New Generation

David Sereny with guitar and sunglasses

The chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla decadence bars offered by Jō Life Foods look deceptively simple. After all, similar products have long been a staple in lunches and snacks across America and the globe. When you look more closely at Jō Life, however, you will understand why its protein energy bars have positioned a small company at the top of its industry, ahead of much larger corporations: they are free of grains, peanuts, GMOs, refined sugars, and soy, and they can be immediately distributed via a simple iPad, anywhere in the world.

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Jazz musician and philanthropist David G. Sereny founded Jō Life when he could not find viable food solutions for his son, who had food allergies. After getting advice from executives at Amazon and other well-known companies, David set out to create a company that would offer healthy food alternatives with an emphasis on great flavor. He faced two primary obstacles: no one else believed that it was possible to make grain-free baked goods, and the technology for shipping them from an iPad, literally anywhere in the world, did not exist.

“I don’t believe in the impossible, only in solutions that have not yet been discovered,” David says. “I decided to delve into food science and create my own recipes in my test kitchen. My own knowledge of ingredients and baking could only take me so far, however, so I reached out to renowned chefs and scientists to learn as much as I could. I then put that knowledge into practice in my kitchen. After about two years of tinkering, we finally figured out how to make grain-free cookies, cakes, and bars that tasted better than their traditional grain counterparts.”

David also consulted with Amielle Zay Marcotte, a spiritual leader and world-class yogi whose guidance would prove invaluable to integrating the spiritual side of the ingredients into the products. With her help, Jō Life was able to bring mindfulness into the bars and bridge the gap between science and the products’ ingredients.

While David had the product, he did not yet have the second part of the puzzle: the ability to instantly ship Jō Life’s grain-free products directly to consumers. Even the most established corporations did not have the IT infrastructure to accomplish this. To invent this technology and create a new standard of speed and excellence in the direct-to-consumer model, David worked with Michael Marcotte, known in the tech world as a child prodigy who developed into an echelon of wisdom for the aerospace, technology, and venture capital industries.

“To get Jō Life humming, I had to surround myself with people who simply knew more than I did,” David explains. “Michael had the knowledge to design the technology we needed in order to get our products into the hands of customers in a matter of hours or days. He was the architect of our next-generation digital business that is light years ahead of other competitors from a tech standpoint.”

The result is Jō Life, whose allergen-free food products are backed by a high level of expertise from across the medical, technological, and health/wellness spaces. The multiple innovations achieved by the company are being studied by its competitors with the goal of replicating them. 

“By surrounding ourselves with the best of the best in terms of leadership and believing in the impossible, we have created healthy grain-free products that we can ship from anywhere in the world,” says David. “At Jō Life, we are true digital nomads who are redefining the standards for service in a next-generation world. Best of all, people with food allergies are reclaiming their right to eat healthy, delicious cakes, bars, and other products without any fear of a medical reaction. That is freeing millions of people everywhere to simply enjoy their lives on a whole new level.”

About Jō Life Foods

Jō Life, which means “Your Life” in Hungarian, is a multinational corporation whose mission is to provide food products that are free of grains and peanuts, with an emphasis on great flavor that the whole family can enjoy. For more information, please visit the company’s website.

About David G. Sereny

David is the founder of Jō Life and has a passion for food, music, and philanthropy. As the son of self-made lumber tycoon John Sereny, David got an early start in business at Green Forest Lumber, where he rose to the top and worked on its board of directors. David is also an avid jazz guitarist who has been nominated for his work on top ten hit songs. He currently sits on the board of directors of Groove United Productions and Dead Rabbit Films, and as a philanthropist, he has helped the Tel Aviv Foundation to develop parks and playgrounds in underserved neighborhoods. 

About Michael Frederick Marcotte

Michael is an American businessman and world leader in the aerospace and technology industries. He has served as Chairman of the Board of the Colorado Technology Association, as Chairman and CEO of Acumen Digital and Praelium System, and as Global Chief Information Officer of EchoStar Corporation. Michael has served on the Board of Directors of the National Cybersecurity Center and as a Board Member of the Office of Economic Development and International Trade.

About Amielle Zay Marcotte

Amielle is the Chief Innovation Officer of Jō Life Foods. She is a certified Healer, Spiritual Guide and author of “Psychic Change”, and as a philanthropist, she currently sponsors women who have been affected by alcoholism. She is a Flying Director of Operations in a FAR.Part 91 Flight Operation. Amielle has gained momentum in the consumer products space by proving the models of ingredient transparency and integrity.